NEXTONE (20mm)

NEXTONE (20mm)


Delicate and natural grains interweave on the soft and warm tile surface, irregular grains embellish elegant and warm colors, with destinct layering and strong 3D effects, demonstratig impressiveness, elegance and magnificence of the space.

 The 20mm thick tile can be laid directly onto sand or onto concrete slabs. Another alternative is to lay the tile using adjustable, raised supports with open joints allowing for drainage. They have many advantages over alternative outside paving materials. This particular collection is designed to perform exceptionally well under hot, cold and high frost conditions.

The 20mm porcelain tile is easy to install, resistant to thermal shock, frost and fire proof, resistant to household chemicals and swimming pool salts. The quartz tile collection offers multiple surface textures and colours to meet the needs of any indoor or outdoor application.


Edge Finish:
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