7 Luxury Bathroom Wall Tile Designs

We have found 7 different bathroom wall tile designs that can be used to achieve the perfect luxurious looks. While most immediately think, neutral tones, marble detailing, white towels, and an open setting, we are here to show you how to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom space no matter your style.

For many, the bathroom is where you can escape to relax, so a touch of luxury (which is defined as a state of great comfort) is a necessity in your bathroom.

Interior designer, Danielle Sfarra talked us through the current luxury bathroom wall tile trends, and even let us in on a few tips and tricks when laying tiles in both smaller and larger bathrooms. From modern to classic and even oriental, this blog has you covered, whether you are currently building, renovating, or just seeking inspiration, discover your dream bathroom below.

Natural Stone

  • The beauty of natural stone is that no two pieces are the same, and the colour does vary. No matter what type of natural stone you choose, it will always add an element of luxury to any bathroom, or to any space.

  • For this look we have used the Fior Di Bosco (Grigio - Honed matt) which is a hard wearing and durable surface, bringing a unique array of colour, texture and patterning from tile to tile.

  • Depending on the finished look you are after, this tile can also be used on the floor for an overall luxurious bathroom appearance, or paired with complementary porcelain tiles to complete your bathroom.

  • Danielle’s Tip: Consider laying your Natural stone bathroom wall tiles in a vertical offset design, this allows you to notice the variation more, which shows off the patterns and colours running through each tile.

Bathroom design by  Jane Ledger Interiors

Bathroom design by Jane Ledger Interiors


  • Get creative, and make a statement by adding mosaics into your bathroom wall tile designs, like our Suki Series.

  • The shape of the Suki Tile is really interesting, with its slightly irregular shape, as well as the slight concave of the tile which creates shadows and helps soften the colour.

  • The darker edging of the Suki tile allows you to further accentuate the shape with matching grout.

  • With this Japanese style mosaic you can add a slightly more oriental feel to your bathroom wall tile design.

  • If the Suki series isn’t quite for you, mosaics in general are a great tile option for your bathroom.

  • Danielle’s Tip: Mosaics are a great way to break up the room, they are also a great way to frame a mirror, vanity, window, and create a focal point within the bathroom.



  • The Icone ligne tile is the perfect option to create a soft and subtle texture in your bathroom, and maintain a luxurious feel. 

  • This tile is a unique shape, with a beautiful raised texture in an irregular pattern alternating with the soft Icone base, making for a beautiful bathroom wall tile design.

  • To complete this luxury look, pair with the matching floor tile. This will create a really simple yet effective feature wall in your bathroom, without introducing a different material.

  • Danielle’s Tip: To add height to your bathroom lay this tile vertically, or alternatively for a different design, lay horizontally in an offset pattern.

Image via  Creative Structures Pty Ltd  on Instagram

Image via Creative Structures Pty Ltd on Instagram

Design with tile

  • Our fourth bathroom wall tile design, is creating a design/pattern with the tile itself.

  • For this look, a standard 100x400 white gloss tile was laid in a herringbone pattern. Being a larger tile, this design is great to fill larger areas and walls.

  • When laying your bathroom wall tile in a herringbone pattern, it creates focal points within the room.

  • Creating a pattern with a tile is the easiest way to create a feature wall without introducing another colour or element into the space. Particularly if other tiles in the room are heavily patterned. Herringbone was the pattern of choice for this example, though there are a variety of design options you can choose from.

  • Danielle’s Tip: You can accentuate the pattern with a darker grout, as seen in the example above.


Neutral tone

  • If you are after a classic luxury style bathroom, featuring neutral tones and delicate details, the Limestone collection in Avorio is for you. Soft colours in your bathroom, help create a soothing and tranquil ambience, offering a luxurious experience for your mind, body and soul.

  • This tile comes in a variety of sizes allowing easy application to both floor and walls in large and smaller spaces, to create an airy natural feel.

  • The soft, delicate veins and subtle texture offer a refined style for any space of the home.

  • By choosing a neutral tone for you bathroom wall tile, it will not clash, and will pair nicely with any tile colour you choose to put on the floor. This also allows you to pair the tile with a darker floor or wall tile for more of a contrast in your bathroom.

  • Danielle’s Tip: By choosing the Avorio Limestone, it is a nice way to use a light, soft neutral tone without using a white tile in your bathroom.


  • Achieve a luxurious bathroom setting with a pop of colour!

  • For those that love a touch of modern luxury, consider using the Kit Kat series to create texture within your bathroom wall tile design. These ceramic gloss mosaic tiles are renowned for their long and thin appearance adding visual interest without being overpowering, creating a stunning feature wall for your bathroom. By using a smaller tile it also provides more variation in tone compared to larger tiles.

  • The Kit Kat series offers 6 different colour options, green, light green, dark blue, light blue, white and grey. With this particular example, the green Kit Kat tile has been used, however, the green has been toned down with neutral tones and finishes throughout the bathroom. Though for a more urban chic style, pair the tile with greys and concrete finishes to introduce colour and create an overall sleek vibe.

  • Danielle’s Tip: If you are wanting to add a ‘day spa’ luxury feel to your bathroom, the Kit Kat series is for you. The green and blue tones within this particular setting give an element of ‘bringing the outdoors in’, also creating a tranquil feeling with its soothing tones.



  • Are you feeling a little bold? Create a standout luxury look with the Sahara Noir Listello Mix tile. This tile comes with 5 finishes in a pack – which is a combo of textured finishes, gloss, and matt. It is the perfect bathroom wall tile to create a luxurious bold design, with its beautiful vein pattern throughout, with tones of terracotta and soft grey adding warmth to the black tile.

  • The different textures and finishes create light and shade

  • This bathroom wall tile is a great design and backdrop to be used behind your vanity, stone top and joinery.

  • Danielle’s Tip: Pair with the matching floor tile to create a more dramatic and bold effect, or alternatively you may wish to pair with a softer floor tile for smaller space.

With a Diploma in Interior Design, Danielle not only loves to play with colours, but particularly loves playing with different textures and adding unexpected details into a room. She spends most of her working hours on residential projects, and enjoys helping her clients turn a house into a home. Whether you are working on your bathroom, or are currently renovating or building your home, make an appointment with Danielle online or visit our showroom, where one of our team members can help turn your vision into a reality.

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