The Top Pool Tile Trends in Adelaide for 2019

Summer is here, so we thought what better way to kick off the New Year than with some inspiration and insight into what pool tiles are currently trending in Adelaide!

For an insight into the recent trends and favourite styles, we spoke with Belinda, who is a Senior Interior Designer here at Italia Ceramics, and she gave us the heads up that white pool tiles are a stunning and popular choice this year in Adelaide. From colours to materials, and even coping, we have everything listed below that you need to know before tiling your pool.

Benefits of Pool Tiles:

  • Durable and hygienic - Pool tiles are non-porous and easy to clean, which is proven to be a more hygienic option, as well as reducing the risks of cracks. Unlike other pool materials, that are more vulnerable to splitting, as well as being susceptible to absorbing dirt and other nasties that can build up bacteria and lead to mould.

  • Aesthetic / appearance – Tiles give your pool and backyard a premium and upscale appearance, with the ability to customise the overall look based on your choice of tile, colour and design.

  • As well as this pool tiles also provide safety with non-slip surfaces, they are easy to lay, and are consistent.

Types of Tiles Trending:

Two of the most popular types of pool tiles in Adelaide are Ceramic Mosaics, which provide endless colours and are a more cost effective approach to tiling your pool, and Glass Mosaics, which add a stunning luxurious element to your pool, providing a touch of resort living to your backyard.

  • Ceramic Mosaics

    • Currently the most popular choice

    • They will help you achieve the perfect swimming pool look with:

      •   endless colours, including metallic options

      •   variety of shape, including classic squares, finger mosaics, and penny rounds

  •  Glass Mosaics

    • Luxurious glass mosaics from Bisazza that transform your backyard

    •  Wide range of colours, from whites, crystal aqua blues, turquoise to custom design and colour mixes, as well as metallic options.

    •  There are different types of glass mosaics allowing you to customise the finish of your pool, including high gloss, matte, and colour blends.

Pictured above: Salice - Glass Mosaic Blend


Tile Colours Trending:

Blue and green are the two most popular colour choices for pool tiles in Adelaide. There are endless shades of each colour to choose from, allowing you to customise your pool to exactly how you imagined it.

Whilst blue and green are the most common colour choices, white pool tiles are becoming increasingly popular here in Adelaide and around the world.

White is a stunning neutral pool tile option, which makes the pool appear more spacious, and it does not alter the natural light blue colour of the water.

Though with all colour choices, remember that the water colour can change slightly in appearance dependent on external factors, for example the time of the day, the environment which surrounds the pool (trees, fencing, landscaping etc.) as well as the depth and shape of your pool.


RAL - Ultra White Ceramic Tile  Image by: SW Architects

RAL - Ultra White Ceramic Tile
Image by: SW Architects


Square edge coping is currently trending here in Adelaide, compared to the traditional bull nose coping.

Tile and stone coping benefits:

  •   An invisible water line

  •   Contemporary finish

  •   Non-slip – which is great to walk on and easy to clean compared to some materials.

  •   Custom made to and sizing/depth which is required

  •   The colour choices are great – light palettes to mid grey to granite appearance

  •   It provides a nice edge to sit on

  •   Longevity – full body porcelain is a great option for non-chip and non-fade

  •   Allows you to match your outdoor finishes, here you can transform your garden to a more contemporary design


Now that you have a few of the key pool tile trends for this year in Adelaide, it is time to start turning your dream pool into a reality. With 30 years of experience in the industry, and a passion for design and colour, along with application of products and materials, Belinda has extensive experience in domestic, commercial and project management. Make an appointment or visit our showroom, where Belinda, or one of our other passionate and experienced team members can assist you in creating the pool of your dreams.

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