Spot The Difference - Chevron and Herringbone Tiles

Chevron and Herringbone tile patterns look so similar. Can you tell the difference? It’s all in the zigzag! Italia Ceramics guides you on how to find the difference in Chevron and Herringbone tile patterns.


The Chevron pattern runs point to point with the ends cut at an angle to create a continuous zigzag effect. The zigzag pattern creates a sharp point creating a “V” effect throughout the design.

Chevron tile patterns are a popular trend and increasingly present in international projects across the world! Chevron patterns are becoming a popular floor and wall tile selection in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Create a simple kitchen splash back or a bathroom splashback with chevron tiles. Looking to be bold and daring? Create a tile feature wall showcasing your Chevron pattern! Whether that may be a large or small tile format, they are renowned for cutting edge designs to add texture and ‘pop’ in the heart of the home.

The below photo illustrates a dark chevron tile creating a true “V” point


Herringbone patterns are created by placing rectangle tiles in a staggered zigzag pattern.  Every tile is laid at 90 degrees to each other creating a broken zigzag effect. When you look closely at the pattern, you can see that the individual tiles do not create a sharp point in comparison to the chevron design. 

In the example below you can see the clear differences in the layering of the pattern:

chevron and herirngbone.jpg

The Herringbone pattern has been around since the 16th century which gives a deep sense of character and history to a space. Herringbone patterns are a great option for creating a strong focal point, whether it be splashback tile or a feature wall tile.  Herringbone tile patterns create movement on the floor, making the eye and space appear more open.

Tiles today are becoming more than just a wall or floor tile, they are becoming the focal point of the home. Chevron and Herringbone tile patterns are perfect for playing with colours & texture to create something special with your personal touch.


Kate Grope