Tile Trends 2018 to look out for from the latest 2017 Cersaie Tile Fair

 It’s time to showcase the latest trends you will be seeing in the remainder of 2017 & new to 2018!

Bologna Italy is the place to go to put your finger on the pulse for the latest trends in tile and stone. Every year the historical city hosts the Cersaie Tile Fair the world’s largest event when it comes to the tile and stone scene.  Italia Ceramics’ team attended the 35th year of the tile and stone exhibition to bring Adelaide the latest trends directly from Europe. Take a look at the tile trends for 2018 to watch out for from the latest Cersaie 2017 tile fair.

The comeback of terrazzo

Everything old is new again, with Terrazzo making a big comeback in the tile scene. The ubiquitous material invented in the 15th century was a way of using up remnants chips of marble, granite, quartz, and glass.  The return of terrazzo has been inspired by the popularity for concrete look tiles and stone look showcasing fine granules of marbles, cement and granite to drastically large fragments of stone from tile to tile.

Terrazzo Tiles.jpg

Anything you can do I can do bigger!

Large format tiles have been carried out as popular trend over the past few years, but boy can you see why! Every year, tiles continue to be bigger in sizes up to 160cmx320cm and the thickness ranging from 10mm thickness for heavy traffic floors to super thin ceramics that can be used to drape wall to wall surfaces.  With a variety of colours, styles and sizes you can now choose from, continuing one tile design from wall to floor creates a seamless finish head to toe.

large wall tiles.jpg

Fresh taste for geometric

Designers are continuously pushing the boundary to create something that we have not yet seen before and playing with materials in a way that we have not yet explored.  Today we see many new interpretations of classic geometric patterns.  Combining rich, bold and old world patterns into vintage handmade classic décor. The authentic appeal of marble, timber, brick and concrete tiles expressed through pattern surfaces, abstract shapes and diverse colours allow the wildest imaginations to run wild.

Classic Elegance

With colour still going strong in the tile scene, tones are becoming more subdued and gauzy. Textile-inspired prints are inspired by fabrics, warp and weft, damask, classical themes, industrial bricks, weathered wood, green and blue colours, and terracotta. Everything is translated into vibrant colours to subtle, elegant colours with tons of options and surfaces for everyone.

brick look tiles.jpg
Kate Grope