Timber tiles vs timber flooring

Whether you’re renovating or building, you have reached that crucial decision stage in designing your home; which flooring material should you choose for your home? If your tossing up between timber floor tiles and real timber, you may feel overwhelmed on which is the better option. Let us take you through the pros and cons of both timber tiles and timber flooring.

Featuring our Dakota Natural 200x1200mm

Featuring our Dakota Natural 200x1200mm

Let your floors steal the show

Nothing beats a hard wearing surface that is low maintenance, easy to clean and they wear well over time. When it comes to choosing the perfect floor material is deciding on many factors. Do you want a surface that wears well in high traffic areas – the cluttered with kids and pets? A floor that creates the statement of the home? Or a floor that compliments your home interiors? All these factors are vital decision to a surface that stands the test of time.

Featuring our Dakota Avana 200x1200mm

Featuring our Dakota Avana 200x1200mm

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is renowned for their aesthetic appeal, adding warmth and character in any space of the home. Timber is available in a variety of colours and styles from parquetry designs to floating floors that can be laid over pre-existing solid floors. Timber is very much like tiles, it a very durable product and easy to maintain. However that doesn’t mean to forget cleaning them all together! The downside is they are prone to scratching and do require regular staining, waxing and polishing. Timber flooring is vulnerable to humidity and moisture and can experience shrinking and warping. It is recommended to avoid use timber flooring in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and outdoor areas.

Timber Tiles

If you love the look of timber but seeking a surface that is less prone to scratching, moisture and fading then timber look floor tiles is your answer! With today’s latest technology, we are seeing more tile manufacturers creating tiles that look like timber. The beauty lies in the functionality of porcelain floor tiles; for their hardwearing nature, and ability to withstand moisture, staining, scratching and harsh household chemicals. Get the look and feel of real timber with all benefits of ceramics and porcelain tiles. There is no denying our love for natural timber flooring, however the beauty of ceramic and porcelain tiles is being suitable in all wet areas of the home, from bathrooms, laundries powder rooms, kitchens and even your outdoor area and swimming pools! The beauty of our outdoor timber tiles is they are designed for extreme heat, rain, frost and heavy traffic conditions, providing you an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

Beauty of Timber Tiles

Just like real timber, tiles still need to be well cared for and mindful of items that could potentially cause cracking or chipping the surface. Like any type of flooring, you drop it, you pay the consequences! The beauty of porcelain timber tiles is that no ongoing maintenance is required. Porcelain and ceramic tiles requires no ongoing sealing or re-polishing. Whereas timber floors need to be re-sanded and re-polished every 8-10 years. With so many colours, styles, formats and sizes we are spoilt for choices – not to mention underfloor heating for the cooler months! All our timber tiles undergo multiple test to ensure you have a surface that stands the test of time, a tile you will forever love and adore.