What to consider when buying a new home

When looking to purchase a new home, it is a fun, exciting experience. It can be over whelming searching for a house that ticks all the boxes. So where do you start? What questions do I need to keep in mind? We speak with Troy Klemm Director from Klemm Homes on what you should consider when buying a new home.


Should I be looking in the most popular suburbs for building my dream home or established home?

It can be difficult in finding the perfect suburb that will make you feel right at home. There are many factors to consider before taking the plunge and moving to a new town. We find ourselves looking at “Adelaide’s most popular suburb” but in reality, it’s much more than that!

“Finding your own dream home is about lifestyle… you should consider a suburb that’s close to your everyday life, eg. beaches, kid’s schools, local sports, work, local cafes, close to folks, walks in the park…. or somewhere you are happy to “hang” on the weekends,” says Troy Klemm Director from Camporeale Klemm Built. Before looking to buy, shortlist suburbs that deliver the needs you are after, and talk to locals to get their views on the area. The internet is great for researching, connecting with local web pages, bloggers and finding nearby attractions to gain further insight on the atmosphere and vibe of the area.


Should I look at surrounding suburbs?

If you are attracted to an area but it’s stretching above your budget, consider neighbouring suburbs of the area.  “It’s not about being in Adelaide’s most exclusive suburb… but what works for you & your family’s lifestyle,” says Troy. “People become fixated with a suburb they love, that they forget to consider neighbouring suburbs that are perhaps about to change or become popular in a short while.“

Troy Klemm recommends to his clients at Klemm Homes to “look at surrounding suburbs and open your knowledge to areas that you might not have considered to have reasonable growth or attractive amenities such as parks, beaches, shops and great schools! Every piece of real estate you are interested in needs to be heavily researched. Investors looking into a house and land community need to make sure they ­find the best property and estate from which to extract value.” It’s not always about the “hottest areas” to live in, it is the features of a property that make it more desirable long term. Be prepared to comprise on your perfect city and look at areas around you!


For someone looking to understand what’s happening in the market in more detail, who would you suggest they should speak to?

Spending the time attending seminars, talking to agents is a great way in gaining an understanding of the housing market.  “Agents can be a great start but make sure you do your own research so you can see the hard facts on eg. RP data and past sales. It’s easy to purchase with emotion but sometimes the suburbs we love are not the ideal suburb for growth.”

Troy Klemm expresses how important it is to hone down on an area you love then watch it for 6 -12 months in detail. Looking at past sales history and what’s selling will help you understand how the housing market works.


Tips for first home buyers

From Troy Klemm’s experience in the building industry, it is important to try and keep the emotion out of buying and look at a suburb that has potential growth. Sometimes you can’t start in the suburb you grew up in or love, maybe consider a suburb close by and take baby steps to get to your ultimate dream spot.


Tips & Advice for building a new home

Troy Klemm believes a home is more than the design alone. It is about the experience and qualities of the tradespeople and professionals that come together to deliver the end product. Someone that’s willing to listen and work in an open manner and honestly with you.

Seeing a builder’s work will help you understand their reputation and what they have to offer. We believe in exceeding your expectation to ensure the home reflects your style and personal needs.

Another word of advice is to speak to us at Klemm Homes as soon as you engage a designer or sometimes even before, that way we can work to your budget and ensure you are not designing something that ultimately can’t be built or you can’t afford to build.


Is it better to buy a house or apartment?

Apartments are great if you want to be close to CBD and low maintenance cost. Finding an apartment in major cities can provide you with a desirable long-term investment. A lot of people want to be close to where there jobs are located, but to be situated in the bustling city surrounded by restaurants, bars, shopping centres and galleries.

Troy Klemm believes it all comes down to your lifestyle. “Personally I prefer the flexibility of a home. It never goes out of fashion and an old home on a good size block opens you to so many more opportunities long term. It is a great opportunity for clients to live in an old house before developing a site and consider sun/ shade, use of the block to get a feel for the street activities; ie.. design your deck or pool to be where the light is best in the arvo or capture a cool gully winds by incorporating highlight windows. Its always idea if you can experience the location before building your dream home.”


What to look for from one builder to the next?

Before you get to the stage of choosing a builder, your research and design process will have yielded finished design documents to put out for tender by builders

Three common ways to choose a builder are:

  • Choose a preferred builder and invite them to prepare a quotation or ‘tender’ (and seek an alternative quotation to ensure competitive pricing)
  • Call open or selective tenders from a range of builders and choose on the basis of price
  • Pick a builder on referral that you have been recommended to and see their work

“And remember to look for honesty, someone that’s happy to be open book and not disclose facts. Look for flexibility and someone who understands your budget and works to it at all times.”


What does Klemm Home have to offer in buying a new home?

Klemm Homes should be your first choice when building a premium custom home in Adelaide. We understand that building a new home is one of the most important and financially engaging times in anyone’s life. It is an exciting period that should conclude with a beautifully constructed home that realizes your vision.

We work one on one with the client holding their hand completely through the process.

We work different to other builders as we offer an open book policy so clients can choose what they want and know what they are paying for completely through the process.

With the home being a place where you live, love and flourish, it is important it suits your individual desires. As renowned new home builders, we believe all homes in Adelaide should reflect their owner’s style and satisfy their personal needs. For this very reason, Troy and Scott prefer to work closely with their clients to craft a custom design, rather than offering a range of pre-priced plans.

Kate Grope