The Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural Stone is a blend of elegance, durability and style direct from Mother Nature. Natural Stone is most appreciated for its timeless qualities.

The distinctive beauty of Natural Stone can add elegance to your home. The true beauty is unique, with a wonderful array of colour, tone, texture and beautiful patterns, varying from surface to surface, making each tile unique. The earth itself is the best manufacturer for materials that are as stunning as they are durable.

At Italia Ceramics Award-Winning Showroom, you can choose from a large range of Natural Stone including: Marble, Granite, Travertine and Limestone. Natural Stone can be used in all areas of the home such as livingbathroomskitchens and outdoor spaces.

pietray grey limestone.jpg

Marble Tiles

Marble is not only innovative and breathtakingly beautiful, it presents eternal strength and beauty. The term Marble in Greek “marmaro” is the meaning of “Shining Stone,” an exquisite art piece symbolizing purity and immortality. For many years, marble has represented a rich palette of beautiful colouring and texture.

marble & grey tiles limestone.jpg

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a delicate, graceful stone, expressing a minimalist look. The natural features of the stone are formed by natural resources, creating a harmonize texture and pattern. Limestones soft delicate presence in kitchens, bathrooms and flooring evokes a timeless and monumental quality

steel grey granite.jpg

Granite Tiles

The scattering of the crystal-line pattern and texture of Granite creates a lustre and alluring finish. Granite is renowned for strength and longevity from naturally durable rich minerals from earths resources. The array of colours and pattern is visually a strong finish commonly used for bench tops, floors, patios, fireplaces, and bathrooms.

italian silver travertine.jpg

Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles underlines the eternal strength and inherent beauty from nature. The distinct character and regal classicism suggest ancient history of the Middle-East, Ancient Greece and Rome. The imperial presence of travertine remains undeniable.


The art of natural stone is a unique feature to any home or project. Not only does Italia Ceramics offer leading range of natural stone tiles, we have over 45 years of experience providing tiles and stone to Adelaide’s building and interior design industry for domestic and commercial projects.
Kate Grope