It was 1939 and millions of people previewed The Wizard of Oz in colour: the Technicolor process was one of the first technologies that brought colour to the cinema. 4 years on from the launch of one of our most significant collections, we decided to consolidate this topic. Technicolor arrives, an industrial product created on a graphic base of a blend of 11 different wood species. 3 neutral shades, White, Beige, Black, 15 Bright Colours, Absolute Black & White. A new proportion, a long, tapered shape. A different productive technology. Creating monochrome or multicoloured environments is now possible thanks to their technical characteristics that make it useable both for wall coverings and flooring in private and public spaces. Just one feature has remained unchanged: the customer’s interpretive ability to use the colour as it likes. Life in technicolor!

**Please note our Technicolor collection is an exclusive that is not held in stock. Please allow 8-16 weeks lead time from date of order confirmation. This lead time is subject to stock availability overseas. A minimum order quantity may apply.


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