Beyond marble, beyond the surface, the true structure and appearance of the Statuario White Marble Porcelain Tile by Italgraniti reveals the unexpected. The luxurious nature of marble has inspired Italgraniti to develop a new inspiring collection. Marble is not only innovative and breathtakingly beautiful, it presents eternal strength and beauty.

The soft marble colouring incorporated into the tile design, adds a delicate finish. Italgraniti showcases endless ways to bring marble into a porcelain tile, with a variety of stunning surface finishes.

Lappato – is a semi polished tile that retains elaborate techniques to achieve a polished tile surface. 

Spazzolato- commonly known as a brush finish, is a process of brushing the surface to give the tile a textured yet smooth, more structured look.

Naturale – is a versatile design which is suitable for all applications. This type of product comes out of the kiln in this form and undergoes no further processing.

Anticato – A surface that creates an “aged” appearance by its matte like texture.

Rullato- Also known as “rolled,” a common application for outdoor areas, a stylish contemporary interpretation of industrial look.

Bocciardato – commonly known as “bush-hammered” surface which is great for high traffic areas with high slip ratings and is frost resistant.

**Please note Italia Ceramics stocks limited colours, sizes & finishes of the White Experience Collection. Please allow 8-16 weeks lead time from date of order confirmation. This lead time is subject to stock availability overseas. A minimum order quantity may apply.


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